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Barbie Dolls

2017 Holiday Barbie Doll

Barbie made her debut at the 1959 American Toy Fair in New York.  She was designed by Ruth and Elliot Handler, founders of Mattel.  Barbie received mixed reviews at first, as she was so unlike any other doll produced before.  However, the public grew to love her and, from 1960, her popularity became assured.  Two of the most popular attactions were the range of hair colors and styles, and the ever increasing array of modern outfits that could be bought for her.

Collectors tend to focus on dolls made before 1975  as these are considered the true vintage dolls.  The different faces and hair styles used over the years will help you identify and date the different barbies.  Barbie is marked on her bottom with the marks helping to date her.  The date shown is not the date of the doll but rather the date she was patented so, the date of the doll will be sometime after  that time.

As many barbies were sold, conditions and completeness are vitally important.  Dolls that have not been played with and complete examples with boxes and accessories will be worth more.  Most collectors look for dolls that show very light signs of wear as the condition is better, the value usually rises.  

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Barbie Dolls For Sale
Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls For Sale
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I could only find one  vintage Barbie Doll that is currently for sale on Amazon
There are other "reproduction" vintage barbie dolls for sale on Amazon so if you want to collect a true vintage doll look for one that is produced in the 1970's

Vintage Barbie Doll Nurse
Barbie Doll
Vintage Nurse $179.95
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